Wear and tear of retractable awnings will occur over time but what actually causes it? There are a number of different of factors that can cause it including:

Excessive Rain

Awnings aren’t designed to only protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but they are also our personal permanent umbrellas. A badly constructed awning could capture the rain instead of letting it slide off, putting stress on the frame and causing it to warp, malfunction or break. Your awning should provide you with refuge from the rain, not causing it to all fall down on your heads during a storm.It is recommended that you do not use your retractable awning during heavy rainfall occasions and make sure there is no excessive buildup in the middle if used during any rain.

Buildup of Snow

Unfortunately snow can be a burden many need to deal with for most of the winter and fall seasons. A heavy snowfall can cause snow to build up on top of your awning and push down on the frame. A badly constructed awning might not last a winter unless it’s done in by a skilled professional. We suggest not using your retractable awning during any snowing occurrence , but clearing any buildup on top of your awning fabric can help maintain its durability.

Spreading of Mold

One of the most powerful enemies of a retractable awning fabric is the building of mold. Taking on the elements day after day can leave your awning wet and warm. This can be a prominent factor that begins the buildup of mold. Unfortunately, some awnings that are made of specific materials can quickly turn into brown or green discolorations. Getting a professional consultation can help solve this problem, since awning experts are knowledgeable in what type of solvent should specifically be used. And remember, if you see mold on your awnings, call and Eclipse Awning dealer quickly for a cleaning rather than waiting for the problem to spread.

Sun Damage

Though an awnings main purpose is to protect you from the sun, the sun can be a deadly enemy. With daily use and exposure to the sun, it is inevitable your awning may experience some form of fading. Given the fabric and type of your awning, the heat could lead to it melting into other materials and causing problems with the mechanism.

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