Welcome to Retractable Awning Review. Where I plan on sharing all my oodles of years of experience installing retractable awnings of every make and model on every type of structure you can imagine. From sheds to decks, patios to docks, houses to buildings, on first floors and 80th floors. You name it, I probably have done it when it comes to retractable awnings. I have had Awning Manufacturers approach me in helping them design the frames for generations of awnings. With all the experience I have had seeing what goes wrong, I have been instrumental in recommending major changes in chain and belt technologies to awning motor modifications, to fabric sewing strategies to prevent fraying. I have worked with over 20 different awning manufacturers over the years and am happy now in my retirement to dispense this information freely to all who come to visit and ask me questions. I hope I can help make your awning choices great ones!

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Comment by cw, October 1, 2013

I have a sunair, im guessing it is 10 or 15 years old… it has a motor, it does not retract all the way in and about 12 inches is exposed to rain and sun. I can manually roll it in the rest of the way but id like to find the retraction adjust screw to adjust it correctly. I dont know the model number is and have looked all around but cant locate where it is. Anyone know where the retraction adjustment screw is?


Comment by Denise, May 22, 2013


Looking for a deck awning for Colorado Springs – intense sun here. Approx. 16′ wide 9′ deep. Motorized? Probably.
Also w/sun shade for valance. Will only have open when using
it, as we can get tricky, strong winds.

Quality is key. Seems Palermo Plus (retractableawnings.com)
and Sunsaver seem to have best reviews for quality.

Sunsetter seems to have a laundry list of complaints about
quality and customer service.

What has been your experience?

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